Junior QA Analyst

Junior QA testers work collaboratively with other groups to test software. They report and truck bugs within software, and they help fix them. Junior QA testers usually work in an office environment. This position is typically offered full time and reports to senior-level QA testers. They are employed by companies that deal with web applications, video games, and software. Those well-suited to this career enjoy problem-solving and working collaboratively with others.

Job Descriptions :

  • Performs regression, integration, platform, and performance testing to confirm the stability of software systems.

  • Reports, solve, and track bugs using Trello, Jira or any other softwares

  • Work collaboratively with QA, development, and business groups to complete testing.

  • Generate automation metrics, also research and use tools with the goal of increasing automation.

  • Proper documentations from A-to-Z that can be understood easily.

Qualifications : 

  • Familiar with automation tools such as Selenium Web Driver and Visual Studio, also have experience developing automation scripts.

  • Knowledgeable of testing phases and approaches, including functional, regression, integration, and end-to-end

  • Proficient in any programming languages to write tests as necessary. 

  • Strong problem-solving skills that allow you to test software, identify bugs, and solve.

  • Strong communication skills that allow them to collaborate with others,as they communicate problems and coordinate with QA, development, and business groups to ensure products are free of errors

What's Next?

After you submit your application, you can expect the following steps in the recruitment process:

  1. Take-Home Test (with a given period of time to complete)

  2. Interview & Discussion of Take-Home Test - Hiring Manager (Virtual or face-to-face)

If you’ve already sent in your application for this position and were not selected, please re-apply after 6 months.


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